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Thoreau had all the makings of a great crime solver - the analytical skills of a surveyor, the observational skills of a scientist, a photographic memory, and a passion for collecting arcane information.  His instinct for detecting human foibles was razor-sharp and he had a heart-felt sense of justice.  And like most legendary detectives, he marched to his own drummer.

Thoreau on Wolf Hill

The winter of 1847 has brought a consumption (tuberculosis) epidemic which is devastating the village of Plumford, Massachusetts.  In an atmosphere of increasing hysteria and superstition, country doctor Adam Walker and philosopher Henry David Thoreau seem the only voices of reason.

The winter also brings two visitors to Plumford.  Solomon Wiley hails from Rhode Island and offers his services as a vampyre hunter, insisting that the scourge is supernatural in origin.  At the same time, Adam's cousin Julia has returned home from France, mysteriously without her new husband.

When a former student of Thoreau is found mutilated and drained of blood in the woods, Wiley insists that a legendary Indian vampyre has arisen. 

Dismissing the blustering fearmonger, Thoreau and Adam follow clues to the backstage world of a Boston theater, the smoky decadence of an opium den, and an Indian burial ground.  Both men will need to keep their wits about them - or risk ending up in coffins of their own...

Product Details:
Series: A Henry David Thoreau Mystery (Book 2)
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Kensington

(October 28, 2014)
ISBN-10: 075829025X
ISBN-13: 978-0758290250

Thoreau at Devil's Perch
Henry David Thoreau leaves the seclusion of Walden Pond to help investigate a series of murders in the first in B. B. Oak's fascinating new historical mystery series, set against the bucolic backdrop of 19th century New England.

The lush, overgrown banks of Massachusetts's Assabet river are the ideal place for Dr. Adam Walker to find coveted medicinal plants for his remedies. But on one balmy August morning he finds something very different. A stranger, identifying himself as Henry David Thoreau of nearby Walden Pond, approaches and entreats Adam to accompany him upriver. He has discovered the body of a young black man at the base of the cliff known as Devil's Perch. As they examine the broken corpse and the surrounding scene, both men become convinced that the unfortunate victim was dead long before he fell. Yet the coroner's jury insists otherwise, dismissing the matter as an accident.

Angered by the injustice, Adam and his lovely cousin Julia Bell agree to assist Thoreau in investigating. Adam notes in his new friend all the makings of a great detective--an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world, uncanny observational skills, a sharp instinct for detecting human foibles. As the case progresses, the mysteries only deepen and there is no mistaking the brutal slaying of a womanizing army captain as anything other than the coldest murder. Journeying from their tranquil village to Boston's most disreputable district, they gradually uncover the monstrous truth--even while a vicious killer prepares to end their inquiry for good...

Product Details
Series: A Henry David Thoreau
Historical Mystery (Book 1)
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Kensington
(October 29, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758290233
ISBN-13: 978-0758290236

"In this promising debut...Thoreau is ...erudite, eccentric, waxing philosophical about his love of nature, and a natural detective." – Publisher's Weekly

"Ambitious...the research and fresh take on Thoreau make for an admirable start." - Library Journal

“A favorite literary figure shows an unexpected flair for detection in this historical mystery. Original and charming.”  —Laura Joh Rowland, author of The Incense Game

“Well researched, captivating and compelling until the very end, Thoreau at Devil’s Perch is both mystery and love story...—Anna Loan-Wilsey, author of Anything But Civil

“B. B. Oak brings Thoreau’s nineteenth-century world to vivid life in this intriguing puzzler that will keep you guessing to the terrifying end.” —Victoria Thompson, author of Murder in Chelsea